Stellar Presentations by @shelisrael – review

Repost of my Amazon review of Stellar Presentations:

I follow @shelisrael on twitter and occasionally chat to him there. You can see his website here.

Happened to see a tweet from him last week offering a copy of his book to anyone who would then review it so I took the opportunity. I bought and read a previous book of his – Twitterville and have also sampled his 2006 Naked Conversations.

I really enjoyed it. 71 pages (so as someone else said the price could be a little high) but on the other hand I have previously happily paid that price for really well written books which were also an hour’ish in the reading.

This is a topic I have read about and taken advice on for years and this summarises the best of that. He teases out the contradictions in the space and gives entrepreneurs the confidence to go out and win audiences over. Precious little structural stuff (you know the bullet point, image and font size kinda advice) and much more so about the tone and passion which are so essential in the delivery of a memorable pitch.

Nice one. Or as we say in Ireland “deadly”. Oh, should say it is $4.99 on Kindle for April. That hikes it nicely from 4 stars to 5. Link to the Amazon listing here.

As an addition to this I am interested to see that this is self-published using the service. I know a number of entrepreneurs right now who are actively exploring the self-publishing route.


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